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Tiny FTP Server

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on developing an AVR based embedded ftp server. Unusually in this case, necessity was genuinely the mother of invention, rather than ideas just sounding cool. I need a server to keep files I’m working on that can be accessed over the internet or my local network. A the moment I have a ten year old blue behemoth of a server which sits digesting huge quantities of power while it waits to serve the odd text file. Clearly what is needed is something smaller. Much, much smaller.


Top DIP chip:Atmega328P, Bottom DIP:ENC28J60

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Hello world!

This is the Hexifact blog, and it is mine. It’s not much else beyond that, but I hope to fill it with hacking projects and meanderings. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about progress on my current project: A tiny embedded ftp server. Feel free to email me about anything you see here. I suspect I’ll come to regret saying this, but I don’t get enough email to fuel my obsessive inbox checking at the moment.

I also need to use my meagre skills in inkscape to  design myself a logo. Maybe something with six PCB traces?

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